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ML Stock Picking Trial – week 2

Week 2’s performance was quite disappointing. There were quite a few large losses this week. If I had the ability to utilise a stop loss the performance would have been much better.

Week 2 performance – 14%

The below positions were closed this week

  • BTH: -6.73%
  • SLX: -2.6%
  • BLA: -25.64%
  • GLN: -23.19%
  • WWG: +3.08%
  • BKY: +20.97%
  • AC8: -8.89%
  • WBT: +32.63%
  • ATU: -3.28%

With the performance from the week, our net position is around about -23% loss overall. It will be interesting to see if we it will come back or not.

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